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  • Darcy Gibbs

    I recently bought a car through Driverz and Harry helped me every step of the way, if you are planning on going there (which i highly recommend you do) then Harry is your guy. I went into this not knowing what i was doing and Harry walked me through every step of the process, he went through every part of the paperwork and made sure i understood every [...]

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  • Keith Obleman

    I had been looking for a while and test driven a LOT of vehicles at various dealerships. Made an offer on a couple but was treated with mild disdain. (I always start low ;) I had met Hubert Miller a few years prior through mutual friends but didn’t know that he sold cars. Imagine my surprise when I walked in to the dealership and Hubert was the first [...]

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  • Jordan Dela Cruz

    amazing service and experience with Harry from drivers auto. Very friendly and works hard to find the best price and best plan for you 10/10 would recommend Harry. Thanks for everything big bro.

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  • Curt de Gourville

    The story of helpful Hubert and resourceful Harry. After a week of looking around I found DriverzAuto, sent in very specific requirements online and got an immediate response from helpful Hubert Miller. My wife and I went in and were surprised that he already had three options waiting for us with a relaxed NO PRESSURE leave you alone to decide type [...]

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  • Katrina Dumlao

    All thanks to Mr Tim Clarke who helped me get my BMW 328i. He was very kind, helpful and informative about my needs and answered my questions accurately. Thanks also to Logan who drove me back home instead of taking a cab (Yes, they offered me a ride home without even asking). Intelligent staff and exceeded my expectations. From the moment I came in [...]

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